The sky is the limit

Ever so often, we meet with children and adolescents, grassroots social workers and activists, who are not at the helm of social or political power but are the real change-makers. Not necessarily leaders of organizations, they are the crucial cogs in the wheel, silently making things happen. Or they are those in a group of adolescents, not necessarily the most vocal or conspicuous, but are those who internalize changes and act upon them. They inspire others, they offer courage through example.

Sanjog tells the stories of these quiet but inspired lives in various publications. Threaded within these stories is Sanjog’s own journey – our successes, our failures, our learnings and our dilemmas – all the experiences that have made us what we are and continue to shape us. Perhaps the best way to understand what we do, and why we do it, is to read the stories of the journeys that children and communities have taken in their quest for social change.

Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes, a series of graphic novels, were based on stories of change elicited from the rural communities through the Most Significant Change story mEach story, by the girls, the communities and the NGOs, was accompanied by the storyteller’s interpretation …

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Mixed Pickles

Mixed Pickles was conceptualized to illustrate ‘what Sanjog does, ‘how Sanjog does it’, and to share the learnings – good practices and failures, successes and challenges – of our work. These experiences have been tested by evaluators who are technical experts …

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