A Citizen's Forum For Children's Right to Happiness


What is Child Wise?

In 2010, Sanjog developed and supported ChildWise as a spontaneous response to the use of violence against children by way of punishment at home and in schools. Childwise brings together a motley group of people from different walks of life – including educationists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, parents and teachers – to find alternate ways of dealing with children that are non-violent, respect their rights and dignity.

Connecting Before Correcting – a forum on Positive Discipline

As a first step in this direction, ChildWise hosted an interactive forum on positive disciplining of children. Appropriately held on 19th November 2010, the International Day on Prevention of Child Abuse, the forum was called Connecting Before Correcting, and brought together people who work with children in their professional capacities, parents of children and young adults to generate awareness on positive disciplining of children.