What is Malamaal?

A board game played with cards and dice, Malamaal, which literally translates as ‘assets, and assets galore ’ is designed for children between 12 and 18 years. By answering questions, making decisions, taking risks, winning and losing, Malamaal players move along a trail of real-life issues– health, child rights, general knowledge, even violence and abuse. Paper money rewards, mock punishments and caricatures of ever-popular Bollywood matinee idols ‘asking’ questions are all part of the excitement and intrigue of the game. Not only does Malamaal impart information and skills, it does so in a manner that is entertaining and non-hierarchical. It builds bonds amongst the adults and children who play it, and most importantly, highlights the importance of being informed in today’s world in order to be self-sufficient, socially and economically.

Who is Malamaal appropriate for?

Malamaal is available in English, Hindi, Bengali, Telegu, Nepali and French, and is currently being played by over 5,000 children in South Asian countries. Created to fill a lacuna in age-and-context appropriate games for disadvantaged children in shelter homes and other institutions, it can be played by all children, regardless of their background. And we know of quite a few adults who have been captivated by it as well.