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Aims for Global Inclusivity

What Sanjog Focuses On

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Building equity by recognising societal intersectionality

Through strategically designed interventions, education, and collaborations, Sanjog aims to dismantle barriers and stereotypes. It aims to foster a world where migration is seen as a catalyst for positive change, gender equity is a fundamental principle, and the youth are recognised as powerful agents of progress. By promoting inclusivity and amplifying the voices of the marginalised, Sanjog works towards a future where everyone, regardless of their migration status, gender identity, or age, can fully participate in and contribute to a just and equitable society.
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How Sanjog Approaches Intersectionality

Sanjog adopts the ME-WE-US approach that helps integrate the self and systems perspectives seamlessly. Personal empowerment is a catalyst for community resilience, and strong communities, in turn, drive positive systemic change.

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Sanjog has laid out goals that will help create spaces and systems that acknowledge and address the intersectional nature of human experiences, by 2030.


Support the leadership of informal migrants in asserting their rights to protection, justice, and accountability

Support ILFAT with the necessary resources that Sanjog may be in a position to share and offer

Build a collective impact programme between organisations from the ‘sending’ and ‘destination’ countries

Convince at least 3 state governments and the national government, to adopt restorative policies in the rehabilitation of survivors of human trafficking

Support the government machinery in strengthening and empowering investigation bodies of organised crime, such as the AHTUs, and improve their performance by 50%

Support populations and communities to overcome barriers to financial inclusion, challenge and eliminate social stigma and exclusions, and increase accountability and responsiveness of duty-bearers

Improve the performance of victim compensation laws and policies, for survivors of gender-based violence, sexual exploitation, migration exploitations and human trafficking by 50% across the ten most affected states in India

Foster equitable, sustainable and growth-oriented businesses with vulnerable populations from economically depressed regions

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