Monthly Archives: July 2021

How Tafteesh has been breaking human trafficking barriers since 2013.

In 2013 a group of advocates against human trafficking noticed an alarming pattern. A combination of weak interstate communication and a non-descript legal framework against human trafficking meant that a large number of traffickers were getting away scot-free. The same perpetrators who were abducting, transporting and selling victims were roaming the country free waiting to pounce again. 

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Leadership in Crisis: Reflections from a Social Impact Organization

By Somashree Choudhury

The disaster that India saw in the last few months of the onset of the second wave have been the darkest phases of India in the 21st century. While the country has seen a wide variety of disasters (natural or manmade), the second wave came and shattered the existing order. Not just the public health system but due to lockdown, we have been cut off physically from what we do in “public”- work, leisure, education etc.

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