Exploring Stories of Captivity and Freedom

On the occasion of the 76th year of India’s political freedom, Sanjog has taken up the ‘My Freedom Stories’ initiative to tell stories about life and living, of captivity and freedom. The storytellers are developmental professionals working in Sanjog. We asked ourselves how we may have experienced captivity in our lives, and how we value freedom. Personal stories, we believe, help connect people of all ages, across borders and ethnicity. We hope our stories will also help us connect with you.

Teaser: My Freedom Stories

Episode 1: My Freedom Stories (Sanjog India)

Episode 2: My Freedom Stories (Sanjog)

Episode 3: My Freedom Stories (Sanjog)

#MyFreedomStories of Growing Beyond Shame: Episode 4 #Sanjog

#MyFreedomStories beyond Rebellion and Conflict.

#MyFreedomStories beyond Influence

#MyFreedomStories Beyond our Roles

#MyFreedomStories of a life of expectations and beyond

#MyFreedomStories Beyond Expectations

#MyFreedomStories of What It Means To Be Me

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