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Tafteesh is a programme that aims to strengthen legal and social systems for delivery of justice to survivors of sex trafficking in India. It will do so by addressing the gaps in the criminal justice system that underlie poor conviction, enhancing survivors’ participation(and claim to their entitlements) in the justice delivery mechanism, and building capacities of Indian law enforcement agencies and strengthening the judicial system to improve investigation and prosecution methods appropriate to that of the organized crime of sex trafficking. The programme assumes that:

  1. Increase in conviction of sex-traffickers will increase the cost of trafficking, leading to a reduction of supply and demand of trafficked girls and women in prostitution.
  2. If survivors are able to participate meaningfully in the justice delivery system, and the system becomes more accountable to their rights and entitlements, then the alienation between survivors and the state will reduce, and survivors will collaborate and cooperate with the criminal justice system to prosecute traffickers.
  3. Increase in conviction of traffickers and justice delivery to survivors will raise awareness in ‘source’ communities on the consequences of human trafficking and will break down the protection or support mechanism of traffickers in source areas.

Tafteesh has 5 axes of intervention:
  1. Axis 1: Addressing structural and systemic gaps
  2. Axis 2: Procedural corrections in ongoing legal cases
  3. Axis 3: Empowerment and capacity building of NGOs and service providers
  4. Axis 4: Building accountability to & mobilization of survivors
  5. Axis 5: Sensitization of judiciary and judicial activism