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Sanjog is a technical resource organisation. It provides support to states. It helps practitioners develop high quality services and interventions. It works for equity for women, men and transgendered persons; for rich and poor; for people at the centre and at the periphery. It works against all forms of abuse, violence and exploitation. The key focus is towards adolescents and youth as change agents.

In South Asia:

41- 88 million children witness violence at home every year
44 million children are in child labour
You’ll find homes of half of the world’s child brides

Sanjog is part of the movement to stop violence against children. It offers resources to find relevant, feasible and sustainable solutions.

Case Studies

Our efforts ranging from preventing trafficking to helping survivors restart life on their own terms.


Evidence-based research which bridges the gaps in understanding that our society has as a whole.

About Us

Sanjog works on prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors of trafficking.

Sanjog works in the key focus areas of gender based violence, sexual violence, migration, and trafficking of children and women.

Caring Connections

Caring Connections

Rehabilitation processes for trafficking victims are implemented by multiple agencies, from rescue in destination points to family reunification at source points.Read More…



Tafteesh was an exploratory study on the effectiveness and impact of law and the criminal justice system in addressing human trafficking.Read More…



The need for this peer leadership training with a group of selected survivors is intimately connected with the idea of restorative care.Read More…

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2016 – Kolkata Gives

In February 2016, Sanjog was invited to be a part of Kolkata Gives - a one of a kind charitable exhibition


On 2014

The last year at Sanjog was essentially around a lot of ritual doing….the rituals of creating, maintaining, coordinating, destroying and then re-creating ideas, systems and energies.


On 2011

I read these lines in a book sometime back and then I heard similar words from a girl I was interacting with and ‘trying to help’… When I ask you to listen to me and you start giving me advice, you have not done what I asked.