Technology for Social Empowerment


Sanjog fundamentally sees technology as a powerful tool to empower marginalised communities, providing them with the means to access resources and challenge prevailing power structures. This vision aligns with the belief that technology can serve as a catalyst for positive social change and play a pivotal role in fostering justice, equality, and inclusion. With the right motivation and sufficient funding, technology can be used to address pressing social issues such as poverty, discrimination, limited access to healthcare and education, lack of representation and equal opportunities, racial injustice, gender inequality and social exclusion among others.

In Sanjog’s journey of enabling and facilitating survivors and marginalised communities, technological intervention has allowed for some impressive accomplishments.

Why Technology for Social Empowerment

Since the beginning of time, human beings have used some form of ‘technology’ to solve prevalent problems like hunting, travelling, agriculture, communication, and more. Over centuries, technology has empowered marginalised communities, increased their access to resources and also empowered them to challenge the power structures that be.

  • Survivor-centric technology can assist survivors in documenting, qualifying, and substantiating their rehabilitation experiences and leadership journeys.
  • Technological integration can improve the journey of survivor rehabilitation and leadership and can benefit everyone; frontline workers, marginalised individuals and survivors
  • It can also facilitate a significant shift in the understanding and support for social justice causes, by generating data for evidence-based advocacy
What Does Sanjog Do

Sanjog’s understanding of Technology for Social Justice extends beyond mere functionality. It embraces a holistic approach, recognising technology’s potential to address the multifaceted challenges faced by marginalised groups. By leveraging technology, Sanjog aims to create avenues for empowerment that go beyond the immediate, creating lasting positive impacts on individuals and communities.

  • Transformative potential: Sanjog believes that technology can reshape the landscape of social work. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Sanjog seeks to pioneer innovative solutions that can drive positive change and contribute significantly to the broader social justice narrative
  • Catalysing advocacy through data: Sanjog places particular emphasis on the role of technology in generating data for evidence-based advocacy. It recognises that robust data, collected through technological means, serves as a powerful tool to advance the cause of social justice. This commitment to data-driven advocacy underscores Sanjog’s strategic approach to leveraging technology for impactful and sustainable change
  • Ensuring security and ownership: Beyond functionality, Sanjog prioritises the security and ownership of data, especially since it pertains to survivors. Sanjog is mindful that the data collected belongs to the survivors, and emphasises responsible handling and protection, thereby empowering survivors with a sense of ownership over their information
  • Promoting equity: Sanjog is committed to promoting equity through its use of technology. By providing tools and platforms that are user-friendly and accessible in regional languages, Sanjog prioritises user experience. It seeks to bridge the digital divide and ensure that technology becomes an inclusive force in promoting social justice
  • Acknowledging dual roles of technology: While recognising the potential of technology to promote social justice, Sanjog also acknowledges its dual role in both promoting and undermining justice, equality, and inclusion. This nuanced understanding informs Sanjog’s approach, ensuring a balanced and informed utlisation of technology in its pursuit of social impact
How Does Sanjog Do This

In Sanjog’s journey of enabling and facilitating survivors and marginalised communities, technological intervention has allowed for some impressive accomplishments. By employing apps like Uttar, Sanjog enables survivors to collect responses from duty-bearers, thereby facilitating evidence collection and advocacy.

  • Apps like Uttar help foster survivors’ leadership development, allowing them to rate social workers and take accountability for their rehabilitation journey
  • Technology helps create a significant impact by enhancing understanding and building relationships between survivors and duty bearers, while also enabling survivors to escalate issues 
  • Sanjog assist survivors in balancing responsibilities using technology, across various verticals such as home, court, meetings with fellow survivors, and duty bearers
  • It ensures the security of survivor-owned data, emphasising the importance of responsible handling and protection
  • The Sanyukt app helps establish a backend data Management Information System (MIS)
  • Sanjog emphasizes the need to develop user-friendly apps, web portals, and regional language interfaces, and ensures that  user experience always remains a priority in the development and usage of technology
  • Sanjog works with grassroots organisations, provides training and facilitates survivors in effectively using technology to enhance their advocacy and leadership capabilities



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